About us

Better lighting with less energy consumption. 

We continue to develop multiple applications of LED technology and we are considered a pioneer in energy saving and environmental protection. 

Our products have entered the market with the best quality/price ratio; customers may observe substantial savings on electricity bills and on maintenance costs of installed products. Thanks to services and products specifically designed for each necessity, we aim to demonstrate widespread the effectiveness and importance of adopting energy efficiency policies. 

Wwe always deliver the best service to our customers and a team of engineers is always available to answer specific questions in each technical field and to find the most suitable lighting solution for each project. 

To conduct research on, develop widespread LED technology and its innumerable benefits.


RL Europe AG

The company works on launching and placing LED technology and lighting on the Swiss and European markets.
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Reflexion Italia S.r.l. Società unipersonale
The company markets LED technology and lighting branded Reflexion and RL on the Italian market. It is an exclusive dealer.
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   Reflexion Asia ltd
   The company works at the development and production of LED technology on the Asian market.