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STM Stmicroelectronics

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For each of these rooms the best lumimous elements, after a series of tests and trials,  were employed in order to deliver the required light efficiency. We have focused on LED tubes installed within clean room plafond to cast light on  internal production areas, whereas we have preferred to use watertight plafond PVC LED tubes to illuminate technical compartments, air conditioners, exhaust and scrubber rooms, chemical processing area.

In this way while emitting  the same luminescence on the area, LED tubes offer three considerable and notable advantages:

• the best sight comfort, thanks  to its flicker-free beam and high light output, avoding the typical disturbing emissions of neon light on our vision.
• the high performance, ensuring  with its 80.000 hrs lifespan a far better efficiency than a neon light  15.000 hrs, allowing visible maintenance costs reduction and a high luminous flux on working departments.
• the enourmous power saving thanks to its very low power consumption compared with a neon light

In particular the 4500 K 150cm  MILKY LED TUBE with an overall power usage of 21W yields the light of a T8 58W neon element. It's evident the notable power reduction, most of all in those departments constantly illuminated by artificial light like white chambers. LED tubes installation garantees a power reduction of 411,8 MWh/year with visible economic impact.  In this specific case the calculated pay back has equalled a 1,5 year period.