Energy quality and energy savings

The energy delivered by power providers is highly unstable; this affects each facility negatively, leading to higher consumption, shorter lifetimes, and higher maintenance and replacement costs. 

Such problems, however, can be solved through POWER QUALITY, by the use of specific instrumentation that enables lower energy consumption, longer equipment life cycles, and reduced maintenance.

Our company offers POWER QUALITY products under the ORTEA brand, with the lines POWER SINES and ENERSOLVE exclusively for the whole of Switzerland.

The POWER SINES and ENERSOLVE lines represent the most advanced active voltage optimization systems leading to significant savings in energy and maintenance costs.


 Issues and solutions:

  • Active voltage control: the voltage fed into the grid is often higher and unstable than optimal. Power Sines and Ener Solve systems and actively stabilize and regulate the voltage to the optimal level, achieving energy savings of 5 to 10 %.

  • Voltage stabilization: fixed voltage regulation avoids damaging surges to equipment. Static and electromechanical stabilizers help protect utilities from such anomalies;
  • Voltage sags: Voltage sags cause line interruptions that cause various types of issues and can even lead to the interruption of the work cycle. Oxygen systems compensate for such interruptions preventing users from related problems without having to use additional batteries;

  • Excessive reactive power: If reactive power is not controlled, you may be subject to fines. Our power factor correction systems eliminate such critical issues by mitigating the risk of resonances that cause annoying current distortions;

  • Harmonic pollution: causes current distortion resulting in such system complications as: premature aging of components, failure of electronic boards and malfunction of sensitive equipment (computers, CNC machines, and other similar equipment). Installing active filters drastically reduces current and voltage distortion, eliminating the problems of the most sensitive utilities;

  • General equipment protection: transformers and reactors optimally support these types of appliances that are connected to the grid. The production of the three-phase transformer is carried out with copper or aluminum windings depending on the power rating, economic optimization of the project or specific customer request.